Klara Adolphson

Managing Director, Doberman

Klara Adolphson is the Managing Director at Doberman, the leading design firm in Stockholm. Klara previously had the position of Head of Innovation Management at the Swedish state innovation Department agency VINNOVA. Klara has a background in expert leadership at the Swedish union Ledarna, organizing 90.000 managers at all levels and holds an exam from the Kaospilot University in Århus, Denmark. She is the author of two books on change management and is a jury member for the Manager of the Year-award.

Managing Director at Doberman

Doberman is an international design firm, founded in 1999 with offices in New York and Stockholm. Doberman offers services within Digital Product Design, Service Design and Innovation Capability training. Over the years Doberman has nurtured a unique collaborative, people-focused culture because they believe this fuels true innovation. The Doberman culture has also brought prizes as the Best Employer of the Year and Service Innovator of the Year, but most importantly, it has given them the rare ability to evolve together with their clients’ rapidly changing landscapes.