Innovative Software Development

Sergata is a well-established and reputable custom software R&D boutique – specializing in providing innovative web, desktop, and mobile high-end technologies and solutions for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Hi-Tech companies, granting them with the technological peace of mind needed in order focus on other aspects of their business.

Founded in 2006, we are responsible for the execution and delivery of more than 500 exciting and innovative projects. Presently, Sergata’s team is made of 80 hand-picked, formally-educated, talented, and big-thinking software engineers, system analysts, quality assurance engineers, and project managers, who can face rapid development challenges, quickly adapting to changing needs.

Sergata’s experience in the field of entrepreneurship provides invaluable insights into the development process, a focus on the essentials, an understanding of the need for infrastructure that can be customized to user requirements and the tremendous importance of user interface design.

We embrace the agile methodologies along with the “Fail Fast” and MVP concepts together with the understanding of the limitations of our customers, their dynamic environment and the constant need for live progress monitoring and frequent deliveries