September 8, 2015

08:15: Registration and Breakfast

09:00: Opening Remarks / Avi Itzkovitch

09:10: Rise of the DEO, Leadership by Design / Maria Giudice

The DEO (or Design Executive Officer) looks at every business challenge as a design problem, solvable with the right mix of imagination and metrics. Rise of the DEO explores the intersection of creativity and business acumen, explaining how and why this unlikely coupling produces leaders most capable of solving our increasingly complex business problems. In the ever-increasingly complex and globally connected business world, creativity has become the number one driver of economic growth.

This conversation will focus on techniques, tactics and intuitions that can help people become stronger leaders within their own organizations as well as the business world and beyond. Learn how you can uncover your own skills to build, revive, or reinvent the next generation of great companies.

09:40: Panel Discussion: Becoming a Design Leader

We will discuss what does it take to become a great design leader.

10:00: Leading a Culture of Innovation / Klara Adolphson

Everyone talks about innovation – the fabled magic that happens somewhere in the intersection of science and art. But to lead and promote innovation in organizations and society at large we need to nurture an innovation culture. A culture that helps us to be in a constant state of flux, constantly collaborating and constantly improving our confidence to disrupt. In today’s experience-driven economy, design can inspire and be a trailblazer for that culture. Klara Adolphson will share her insights from all levels of innovation leading the Innovation Management Department at Vinnova, Sweden’s state agency for innovation and as Managing Director at the international design firm Doberman.

10:30: Panel Discussion: Fast Forward Team Trust

Creativity is sparked by collaboration. Collaboration is based on trust. Is there a way to fast forward building trust in a creative team to innovate better?

10:50: Coffee Break (30 minutes)

A short networking break.

11:20: How Can Design Providers Create Relevance in a World of Constant Change? / Robert Stulle

As we have moved deeply into the realm of digital product development, constantly adapting, improving, and changing is more important than ever for companies to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. We now must reevaluate our approach towards the projects we take and how we deal with our clients.

Robert Stulle, head of digital products and services for Edenspiekermann, will share from his experience, and reveal useful tools and insights to help designers and business leaders cope with everyday challenges that arise in the rapidly changing digital era.

11:50: Panel Discussion: The Role of the Client

As agencies and design providers shift towards new methods of development the role of the clients has dramatically shifted. We will discuss how involving the client as an integral part of the process will ultimately result in better projects and products.

12:10: How to create an ‘Experience-Driven’ culture? / Oded Klimer

Creating and fostering a culture around UX is challenging, even for small teams. Oded Klimer, Global Head of User Experience for HP software (a 15,000 Employees organization with over 100 products), has faced many of the problems organizations deal with but on a larger scale.

In this presentation Oded will share from his experience insights and practical tools on how can design leaders create and foster a corporate culture for delivering great User Experience.

12:40: Panel Discussion: Effective UX Leadership

Producing work is not the same as providing leadership and strategic value. We will discuss how can design leaders extend their influence past the production of deliverables.

13:00: Lunch Break

Boost your brainpower with a healthy meal. Vegan option available.

14:00: Lightweight UX Strategy for Devising Innovative Products / Jaime Levy

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. It is a practice that should rely on empirical, lightweight tactics that quickly move you and your team toward a unique digital solution that customers want. In this presentation, Jaime Levy takes you through several design strategy techniques that you can use for crafting innovative products regardless of your work environment.

14:30: Panel Discussion: Evangelizing Strategic Thinking

A discussion on lightweight strategic approaches, we will learn from the panel what techniques work best in their organization.

14:50: Designing Your Team / Melissa Hajj

To tackle big UX challenges, you need a great design team – but building a team is a design challenge itself. In this talk, Melissa Hajj will explore the difference between leading design and leading designers, discuss the key behaviors of a successful team leader, and share practical tools and tactics from her experience – and mistakes – as a team leader at Facebook, Apple, and more.

15:20: Panel Discussion: Learning from Failures

Although you work tirelessly to prevent them, failures happen. We will discuss the secret for turning mistakes into lessons you can use to become a more effective leader.

15:40: Networking & Refreshments Break (30 minutes)

Delicious cakes and coffee

16:10: Design Leadership — Experiences of a Strategic Design Firm / Mikal Hallstrup

In this age of radical change, old industries are finding themselves turned upside down. Classic design strategies and design management are falling short. We need to radically rethink the classic role of design and give way to a new mindset where strategy merges with creativity to better address the real challenges we face.

In this presentation Mikal Hallstrup, Chief Visionary Officer at Designit, will speak about how his company managed to scale its unique strategic and creative culture across 9 global offices and 300+ designers, strategists, and technologists.

16:50: Closing Panel

We will discuss the way forward in design leadership.

September 9, 2015

UX Strategy: A full day workshop with Jaime Levy

How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want
User experience (UX) strategy requires a careful blend of business strategy and UX design, but until now, there hasn’t been an easy-to-apply framework for executing it. This hands-on workshop introduces lightweight strategy tools and techniques to help you and your team craft innovative multi-device products that people want to use.