UX Salon EDGE focuses on the intersection of business strategy and experience design. We bring design leadership ideas forward to help organizations succeed in the digital age.

Here are some questions that we will cover

  • How can creative professionals become effective business leaders?
  • How to inspire and nurture a strategic, creative culture?
  • How do you create a framework of innovation within an entire organization?
  • What is the difference between leading design and leading designers?
  • What are the key behaviors of a successful team leader?
  • Is there a way to fast forward building trust in a creative team to innovate better?
  • How can design providers remain relevant in a world of constant change?
  • How can design leaders extend their influence past the production of deliverables?
  • From enterprise to agencies, how can we maintain an ‘Experience-Driven’ culture?
  • What are effective ways to work with clients, what is the role of the client in a design project?
  • How does strategy merges with creativity?
  • How do you incorporate UX Strategy into your workflow?
  • Workshop: how do you devise innovative digital products that people want?

30 Minutes: Inspiring Presentations

20 Minutes: Engaging Debate

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